VR for Good, an initiative started by Facebook Oculus, is designed to support content creators, impact innovators and inspire partners who see virtual reality as a way to make the world a better place. David helped design the user experience and user interface for the newly-created initiative.

Live Website

User Experience and User Interface Design

The challenge is to develop content within an already robust website. Oculus.com is already heavily developed as a platform to demonstrate the virtual reality technology capabilities of the company.

Collaborated with a team of content developers and programmers

David collaborated with the Oculus and the Facebook staff to develop a user experience and interface design that organically fit with the company’s look-and-feel. We made sure that our high-fidelity user experience wireframes reflect the Oculus content map on mobile, tablet and desktop. We also made sure to mock content pages based on existing pilot content so the developers can easily translate it to pages. The result is a seamless integration of the VR for Good with the rest of the Oculus website.