HFS Adoption and Foster Care is a Los Angeles, California-based nonprofit that delivers caring and personalized support for birth mothers considering the loving choice of adoption. David worked with HFS to rebrand, website redesign and creative collateral development.

Live Website

A nod to the organization’s past and looking ahead to the future

Holy Family Services has been around for 70 years or so and is looking to modernize their brand. The nonprofit based in the Echo Park community in Los Angeles is small but mighty but has served thousands of birth mothers, adoptive parents and foster children in the region. The board looked to my services to help with the re-brand and lead the digital transformation from the website to their social media presences.

The new HFS.org

We performed a usability analysis within the organization, prospective birth parents, adoptive families and donors, which led to the transformation of the current website. We lifted up the programs and added a bilingual (Spanish) copy. We also enabled the organization to tell their stories through the blogs and connected them on social media. The giving section is still in development, but we plan on bolstering that section to grow the digital fundraising capabilities of the organization.

Logo Mark and Creative Design

David worked with the team to develop a new logo mark that symbolizes hope and warmth. We made sure that the new mark is easily translatable to an icon for branded materials and social media use.